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Laminate Countertops

With hundreds of materials to choose from, selecting the Formica Countertopsright surfaces for your kitchen or bathroom counters can be a daunting task. Each surfacing material has inherent properties that you should be aware of when beginning a kitchen or bathroom renovation. For example, some surfaces require annual maintenance or special cleaning products, while others may not stand-up well to stains or direct heat. In the same vein, some materials may be a stretch to your budget, while others won't break the bank.

Believe it or not, laminate is made from paper! Here’s the whole scoop:

First, sheets of kraft paper are saturated in melamine resin.
Then, the resin-soaked papers are pressed tightly together under extremely high heat.
Next, the decorative paper is placed on the very top and cured in an oven.
Lastly, the sheets of laminate are glued to particle board to create a hard surface that is durable, flexible and beautiful. 

Formica® Laminate is…

Versatile:  It can be used for any countertop or work surface in your home – from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, wet bar, craft room and beyond.
Fun:  There are more colors, patterns and finishes than any other surfacing material, which means that there truly is a laminate pattern for every design taste and personal style. Options include solid colors, graphic patterns and the look of natural stone.
Easy to clean and maintain:  Laminate does not require special cleaning products or annual resealing. Simply wipe off the mess and continue enjoying your lifestyle! 
Simple to install: You have the freedom to hire a pro or do it yourself. 
Affordable:  The typical cost per square foot of installed granite may be roughly $120, while Formica® Brand Laminate costs between $14 and $38 per square foot installed.
Always improving:  Yes, you can have an undermount sink! 

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